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Beaver Farm Fishery

The Beaver Farm Fishery is a ten lake commercial fishery found on the Sussex/Surrey border. The fishery prides itself not only in it’s fully stocked lakes, but in the peaceful and pleasant surroundings anglers can enjoy while fishing. Veteran employees and a fully stocked tackle shop make things easy and convenient for visiting anglers. Additionally, anglers off all types are sure to find an enjoyable experience in one or more of the following ten lakes:


Snipe Lake is the oldest lake at Beaver Fishery. It is a 2.5-acre lake stocked with large catfish, carp, brim and tench. The lake is especially beautiful with a central island, overhanging trees, and lily pads.

Tuscany Lake is a popular warm month lake known for producing large catfish.

Jeff’s Lake is a newly renovated 1.5-acre lake with a mixed bag of species. Bream, tench, golden tench, barbell, chubb, orfe, perch and roach can all be caught and fly fishing is common.

Majors Lake is the biggest lake at the fishery. It’s 3.5 acres features a central island, lily pads, overhanging trees, and reed beds. It is known mostly for carp and pike, but also has bream, sturgeon, tench, perch, eels, and gudgeon.

Maze Lake is most popular for match fishing. It is host to angling club matches as well as corporate events.

Moat Farm Pond is an old farm pond that was re-designed in 1994. It holds coarse fish and carp.

Daughters Lake is the third most fished lake. It holds sturgeon and Crucian carp that have come close to breaking the British record.

Eden Pond is a deemed a “mecca for tench anglers” as it has both green and golden tench that huge in size. It also has great perch fishing around two islands.

Junior Lake hold carp, bream, and tench. It is known for its top water fishing in the summer months.

Horseshoe Pond is a carp-free pond that is full of bream, tench, perch, roach, rudd, and gudgeon. It is known for being a quiet pond located in the corner of the fishery.

The fishery operates from 7am-7pm in the summer and from 7am-6pm in the winter. Night fishing is offered at selected dates.

South Downs National Park

South Downs National Park is the newest national park in England. It was opened in 2011 and consists of a 140 km stretch that runs through the counties of Hampshire and West and East Sussex. The park is known for it’s unique inhabited landscapes that have been evolving for thousands of years. This landscape diversity provides visitors with the opportunity for exploration and discovery. A must see is the Seven Sister’s Country Park. Other popular spots include the Breaky Bottom Vineyard, Blackberry Wood Campsite, Wildfowl Wetlands Trust, Goodwood Racecourse, South Downs Way, and Winchester.

Seven Sister’s Country Park, which consists of chalk cliffs, river valleys, and grasslands, is the most well known and famous attraction in South Downs. Guests are offered the opportunities to walk, bike, and canoe the area. Camping is also available.


Breaky Bottom Vineyard is the park’s premier vineyard that gives visitors a chance to learn about the wine, landscape, culture, and history of the park’s large wine producing region.

Blackberry Wood Campsite offers 20 tents for visitors to enjoy a camping experience. There are numerous walks around the camping area that provide the opportunity for observing nature and wildlife.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust has 26 acres that are available for exploration. Boat safaris are a fun way to observe and experience the birds, fish, and animals of the area. There is also a “Pond Explorer Area” for kids.          

Goodwood Racecourse is 200 years old and offers thoroughbred flat racing. The most popular event at the course is the Glorious Goodwood, which is a 5 day event starting in late July.

The South Downs Way runs the length of the National Park, but can be experienced in short well marked sections. Walking, biking, and horse riding can all be done on the trail. Views, markets, pubs, and attractions are plentiful.


Winchester offers eating, shopping, and learning opportunities for tired visitors. The Square is a popular retail shopping centre and Hotel du Vin is the nicest in the area.

The numerous amount of possible destinations and activities in South Downs can certainly overwhelm. It’s important to plan in advance before taking a trip to the park.

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